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November Business Meetings of Reinsurers 2016


21 countries represented at the November Business Meetings of Reinsurers
in Moscow


The XIV edition of the November Business Meetings of Reinsurers, which took place on November 24th - 25th, in Moscow (Russia) has gathered 250 representatives from 99 companies coming from 21 countries. Re/insurers from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bahrain, Belarus, UK, Germany, Georgia, India, Kingdom of Jordan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Panama, Russia, Romania, Syria, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, France, Switzerland and South Korea have attended the event beside the Russian market's professionals.


Traditionally, the event is organized by the Reinsurance Committee of All-Russian Insurance Association and co-organized by DELOVOY Format Group. XPRIMM Publications supported this event as Media Partner and had been represented by Oleg DORONCEANU, International Relations Director.

The organization of the November Business Meetings of Reinsurers in 2015 was supported by the largest Russian and international participants of the re/insurance market, such as: INGOSSTRAKH, SELECTA IC, SCOR, TRUST RE, CAPITAL Reinsurance, SKALA Reinsurance Broker, AIG, SOGAZ and Industrial Reinsurance Company. 

The participants' opinion regarding the importance of organizing of the November Business Meetings of Reinsurers:

Andrey DOMBROVSKIY, Deputy General Director of Atomic Insurance Broker:

"There is a great opportunity to meet all reinsurers, all partners and to discuss the details of cooperation and possible issues in connection with the end of contracts from 2015 and beginning of 2016. During the two days of the November meetings, we effectively close all the questions".

Representatives from Pioneer Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd:

"We participate on the November meetings for the second time in order to meet with our Russian partners. We have a business in Russia, and this event is a very convenient place for meetings and communication with everyone. During the event, we are planning to sign several contracts since we have met here partners such as the SELECTA insurance company and many others. Organization of the event is great and it is very useful".

John Paul Francis CHURDNILL, Divisional Director, KM Dastur and Company Limited UK:

"We have been already at the November Meetings, and we are planning to come back. These are very important meetings with partners: there are many representatives of different important companies and participants we can meet all of them in one place. Our goal is to sign interesting contracts. We are looking for new partners. Moreover, we are a diversified company. We are interested in direct insurance and reinsurance contracts. I am delighted by the organization. For us this is a good opportunity to find partners and to come in Moscow".

Dmitriy KHARITONOV, General Director, LABB-Loss Adjusters Bureau:

"I am here for the fourth time. In our business, it is important to communicate with professionals who attended at this event. Insurers and reinsurers are consumers in our Surveyor reports. In this event we don't intend to conclude contracts. My goal is to meet new potential partners, customers, representatives of the Russian and foreign companies. This is professional event that gathers all in one place. We do not miss this opportunity".

George GRISHIN, Director, OAKESHOTT Insurance:

"I represent a first in the Lloyd's history insurance broker with Eastern European origin. Oakeshott is the name of the street in London, which runs from the former Soviet trade mission to the tomb of Karl Marx, namely, the connection between the past and the future or vice versa. For 21 years, we build bridges between East and West. I have not participated at this event last five years. And now I take a decision to attend event. I need to understand if in Russia exists internal reinsurance market. We work a lot with Russian insurance companies. I know that in recent years the situation has changed and many companies have left the market. We collaborate with a lot of international clients, from Peru to Singapore. We must understand for what (or whom) we are responsible. Of course, we believe in ROSGOSSTRAKH and INGOSSTRAKH - they will always pay the damages. But other companies, will they pay? I plan to obtain from these meetings practical solutions: to find partners, to conclude agreements (contracts). And I am satisfied for results which I have already been able to obtain".




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