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About the Reinsurance Conference

The Annual Russian Reinsurance Conference has been held in Moscow since 1996 and is the most high-profile reinsurance-related event for international reinsurance community.

Topics covered at the conference are determined by the leading Russian and foreign experts and are the most relevant topics for this period of time. Conferences are held in a modern interactive format and include plenary and thematic discussions, workshops and round tables.

The primary objective of the conference is to promote better mutual understanding between members of 
insurance and reinsurance community from different countries, sharing of practical experience, establishment of new contacts and maintenance of existing ones.

Traditionally the conference gathers about 300 participants from 25 countries. There are directors, senior managers of Russian and foreign insurance and reinsurance companies, international brokers, adjusters, experts, legislative officers and government agents among them. 

Interviews with participants

Maria Morozova, Member of the Management Board of OJSC Russian Reinsurance Company

Alexander Gerasimenko, Lead Underwriter, Central and Eastern Europe, Hannovaer Re

Yulia Khmelnitskaya, Deputy Director of Willis CIS Insurance Broker LLC

Petr Pokorny. Senior Underwriter. Catlin Re Switzerland

Charles J.Catt. CEO Challenge Group Inc.

Gepa Jansen-Klaus. Senior Client Manager Russia & CIS, Swiss Re Europe S.A.

Arun Kumar Jha, Head of Representative office of K.M.Dastur Holdings Limited

John Metkalfe, Deputy Managing Director Marine International, PFIB Group Limited